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Austrian Women's Lacrosse League 2015

  MD Venue Date Time Result
1 Hell  28/03/2015 10:00    Vienna Cherokees VC-VM Vienna Monarchs2-10
1 Hell  28/03/2015 14:00    Vienna Monarchs VM-GG Graz Gladiators10-0 Actual result of 15:0 has been revised in accordance with by-law 2.2 (a): maximum goal difference.
2 TSZP  10/05/2015 12:30    Graz Gladiators GG-VM Vienna Monarchs7-6
2 TSZP  10/05/2015 14:30    Vienna Monarchs VM-VC Vienna Cherokees12-2
3 Puch  30/05/2015 12:00    Vienna Monarchs VM-GG Graz Gladiators10-6
3 Puch  30/05/2015 14:00    Vienna Cherokees VC-VM Vienna Monarchs0-5 Vienna Cherokees did not field a full team. Result is counted in accordance with by-law 2.5 (a) 3: failure to fulfill fixture
VM VM749:1621
GG GG651:2012
OL OL632:239
ZGB ZGB615:503
VW VW516:540
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